Hāna Fresh

Hāna Fresh with its organic Farm, Nutrition Center and Farm Stand are cornerstones of Hāna Health’s mission for community wellness. Focusing on nutritious eating, as an important component of a healthy lifestyle, Hāna Fresh grows, prepares and markets food that supports the health and self-sufficiency of the Hāna community.

Preventing Rat Lungworm Disease

The possible existence of Rat Lungworm Disease in the Hāna District is of concern to all of us. Like most foodborne diseases, prevention is the key.

Purchase produce from certified vendors. Make sure roadside stands are preparing food in a kitchen certified by the Department of Health.

Hāna Fresh – certified organic farm, farm stand, nutrition center- follows Good Agricultural Practices (GAPs) designed to reduce contamination of fruits and vegetables. This includes a stringent rodent and slug abatement program in place for almost ten years.

  • Leafy greens harvested from the farm are carefully sorted, cleaned and rinsed before sale to the public
  • All produce used in the Hāna Fresh certified kitchen are rinsed before preparing salads and other food items sold at the farm stand.
  •  There have been no cases of Rat Lungworm disease linked to Hāna Fresh.