The Hāna Fresh Farm and the Hāna Fresh Nutrition Center are cornerstones of Hāna Health’s approach to preventive health care.  It recognizes that cardiovascular diseases, cancer, diabetes and chronic respiratory diseases – are linked by common preventable risk factors particularly as they relate to poor nutrition, inactivity and the use of tobacco, alcohol and drugs. The Hāna Fresh Farm and Hāna Fresh Nutrition Center are helping to create an environment that promotes healthy lifestyle choices and empowers individuals to assume responsibility for their own well-being.

Additionally, Hāna Fresh:
  • Is an agricultural based economic engine that contributes to the overall economic vitality of the Hāna district while maintaining its rural character.
  • Provides sustainable agri-business employment and training opportunities for district residents.
  • Increases the food security of this remote population by creating a strong, nutritious, affordable, sustainable food system. 
  • Proceeds help to support the programs of Hāna Health, the only source of primary medical care in the district.