Our Board of Directors 2017-2018

A diverse and dedicated board of directors guides Hāna Health in its mission to best serve the community’s healthcare needs.


John Kahalehoe, Sr.
Retired Supervisor, Maui County Water Department
Board member since 2003
“We are educating residents here in Hāna so they can better take care of their health.”

Patricia Eason
Vice President
School Principal, Retired
Board Member since 2009
“I feel very strongly that the young people, our future leaders, should be involved.”

Keoki Kalani
Executive Director, Hāna Youth Center
Board member since 2009
“To be able to see things geared toward the betterment of our community, for our community is great.”


Hi‘i Aiona
Visitor Program Manager, Kahanu Gardens
“I wanted to serve an organization that helps my community in more ways than one. Hāna Heath does more than treat patients and, in a town like ours with limited access and resources, that service is vital.”

Stanley Akoi
Retired Supervisor, Maui County Parks Department
Board Member since 2015
“Hāna Health is a priority for our community. We need to continue to have health care delivered in our community for the benefit of all. We all need to do our share to make it a success.”

Melanie Coates
School Renewal Specialist, Hāna/Lahaina Schools
Board Member since 2011
“Honoring the past with the knowledge of the present will help native Hawaiians and all in the community become strong healthy people.”

Adele Emmsley
Assistant Manager, Hasegawa General Store
Board Member since 2015
“We are fortunate to have Hāna Health, especially for our elders. But we need to be focused on the younger generation too. To educate them so that they can take better care of their health.”

Mei-Ling Hoopai
Manager, Hana Ranch Restaurant
Board member since 2011
“The Hāna Health board is not only thinking of the present but also looking ahead for our future.”

Michelle Kaauamo
Accounting Supervisor
Travaasa Experiential Resorts
Board Member Since 2014
“I hope to make a difference by supporting our mission of improving the health and wellness of Hāna. We need to be the change that Hana needs to be a sustainable community.”