Community Health

Community health programs are designed to educate and support Hāna district residents in the adoption and maintenance of healthy lifestyles. General health screenings through Health Fairs, Well Women’s Clinics, Immunization Clinics, weight management programs, smoking cessation programs, healthy cooking demonstrations, individual and group fitness/exercise classes, seminars on a variety of health related topics, and assistance with health insurance coverage and other entitlement services are all designed to support a healthy community.

The Hāna Fresh Farm Stand is located on the grounds of the health center, provides community access to fresh, organic fruits and vegetables, as well as healthy prepared foods and snacks.

Mai‘e Ai
Bringing families together over a healthy meal provides participants an opportunity to incorporate the cultural aspects of wellness, mindfulness, traditional values,  and mutual support for sustainable healthy living. The Mai‘e Ai program includes a weekly healthy meal incorporating traditional ingredients like fish, taro, sweet potato and ulu prepared by the nutrition center staff. Guest speakers discuss the role of fitness in maintaining health, how to grocery shop and prepare healthy meals on a budget, and the cultural aspects of wellness. Meal boxes and recipes are provided to participants, encouraging the preparation of health dinners at home with all family members gathered together to eat and talk.  

Children’s Nutrition
Eating behaviors and meal habits in early childhood influence food preferences and eating patterns in adulthood and ultimately on health. Hāna Fresh is partnering with Hāna High and Elementary School and the Hāna Youth Center to foster good nutrition habits. At the school, Hāna Fresh is providing a fresh salad bar twice a week to elementary students. At the youth center, healthy snack options provided by Hāna Fresh are made available to participants through the concession. The goal is to improve youth decision-making when selecting snacks, and ultimately replace all unhealthy snacks with healthy options.

Chronic Disease Management
For those community members trying to manage or prevent a chronic health condition, like diabetes or hypertension, Hāna Health offers support. The goal of the Chronic Disease Management program is to help participants make positive lifestyle changes to ultimately manage and sometimes reverse chronic health conditions. In addition to medical care and case management, organized walking programs, prepared meals, stress management services and opportunities for peer support and family participation are all part of the program.